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Carbon Footprint Assessment & Reduction

The ClearSky team works with clients to perform comprehensive greenhouse gas assessments or carbon footprints. Based on the footprint, we develop strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and provide options for our clients to offset the emissions that can’t be avoided. ClearSky can provide tailored technical assistance to companies, institutions, and organizations at individual and group levels. This process may involve site visits, seminars, workshops, or training programs. We use credible and innovative methodologies such as the World Resources Institute’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the recommended methods of the International Panel on Climate Change, as well as peer-reviewed research. We ensure that our clients are getting the best information possible about their carbon footprint and provide concrete solutions to reduce it.

Our carbon footprint assessment and reduction services include: carbon footprint assessment for organizations and companies, carbon footprint estimates for events, and consulting for individuals.

Carbon Footprint Assessment for Organizations and Companies

ClearSky Climate Solutions is an important resource for a broad range of companies or organizations to conduct their carbon footprint assessment. We work with these clients to:

  • Identify and measure sources of greenhouse gas emissions

  • Reduce these emissions with clear goals and strategies

  • Balance the remaining carbon footprint with certified carbon offsets

Companies all over the United States are realizing that energy efficiency, improved waste management, and streamlined operations are great mechanisms to cut costs and increase profits. These efforts offer a financial incentive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, showing that going green can indeed help your bottom line. Additionally, although the United States doesn’t yet have a legal framework in place to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, savvy companies are anticipating that this regulation will soon be in place and are acting now to gain first-mover advantage. Depending 

Carbon Footprint Estimates for Events

ClearSky extends its carbon footprint assessment and audit consulting services to events. ClearSky is ready to assist in making an event as sustainable and climate friendly as possible, by providing guidance on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the event and balance the remaining emissions with high-quality carbon offsets from ClearSkys portfolio. We work with people planning weddings, conventions, workshops, fundraisers, and other special events as well as those who seek to minimize the carbon footprint of the event or associated travel.

ClearSky can provide the following services to event organizers and planners:

  •  Define the goals and boundaries of your climate-neutral event

  •  Gather necessary information for targeted event activities

  •  Assess greenhouse gas emissions from your event

  •  Develop strategies to reduce the impacts of your event

  •  Offset unavoidable emissions with certified carbon credits

Consulting for Individuals

ClearSky offers a simple solution for individuals and households to offset personal greenhouse gas emissions. ClearSky Climate Solutions encourages you to calculate your emission footprint with the US Government’s Carbon Footprint Calculator (hotlink to the EPA calculator – developed in coordination with the EPA. This assures all of our customers the transparency behind all the math and estimates used to calculate your personal or household greenhouse gas emissions based on lifestyle factors and transportation. Email ClearSky the result from your calculation and we will facilitate your climate mitigation action.  


You can purchase carbon credits from the pool of offset projects we offer to our corporate partners. If you have questions about how to calculate your footprint, don’t hesitate to contact us directly and we’ll go through the calculations with you – to work out your personal Carbon Footprint, and offset your emissions right away!

upon your company’s unique needs and interests, ClearSky offers several services that can help you set and achieve your climate goals: annual greenhouse gas assessments, climate action plans, carbon offset packages, employee incentives and benefit strategies, and educational webinars for employees and management.


If  your organization has questions about global climate change, its greenhouse gas footprint, or would like to learn how ClearSky might be of service, please Contact Us for more information.

Hosting a climate-neutral event takes thoughtful planning and an extra degree of preparation, but it makes an important statement that all public activities and events can be held without harm to our shared environment. If you’re interested in our event planning services, please Contact Us for more information.

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