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Who We Are

ClearSky Climate Solutions, LLC (ClearSky) is a multidisciplinary organization with strong consulting experience covering a wide range of natural resources issues. ClearSky staff have supported projects in more than 40 countries. Countries are colored green in the map above. Our experts have assisted governments, communities, private companies, and non-governmental organizations to implement projects financed by organizations such as the United Nations, United States Agency for International Development, the German GTZ, and the World Bank.

Keegan Eisenstadt is CEO of ClearSky Climate Solutions, LLC. He has more than 20 years of international environmental consulting experience. Mr. Eisenstadt is actively involved in the design and implementation of numerous forest-carbon climate change mitigation projects, including avoided deforestation and degradation (REDD), reforestation, and improved forest management. Mr. Eisenstadt is providing strategic consulting services to international NGOs, companies, and governments in the developing world on REDD policies and programs.  Mr. Eisenstadt is directly involved in building capacity at the community or civil society scale to effectively bring local actors into carbon credit monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV).  He is consulting with national governments on developing REDD readiness programs; assisting REDD investment funds to effectively integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) safeguards; marketing and selling carbon 

credits; and working on forest carbon credit certification protocols.  In addition to his forest carbon expertise, Mr. Eisenstadt is involved with climate change adaptation at the community level; sustainable forest management; forest conservation planning; protected areas management; agroforestry extension; forest hydrology; watershed analysis; spatial and quantitative modeling; ecological and environmental impact assessment; environmental education; community outreach; and civil society consultation and participation. Mr. Eisenstadt’s particular focus is on the link between climate change and forest resources, and he is currently developing novel techniques and approaches for native species reforestation and REDD projects on communal lands. Other global climate change work includes corporate approaches to environmental and social responsibility through the reduction and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as national and international climate change policy assessment for mitigation and adaptation.  He is working with actors involved with corporate social responsibility to promote the concepts of eco-efficiency and triple-bottom-line people, planet, and profit accounting, and is actively highlighting the need to bring financial, biophysical and social capital to bear on solving climate change challenges.  He has carried out natural resources management consulting activities throughout the world for private companies, multilateral and bilateral donor agencies, and nongovernmental organizations. Mr. Eisenstadt is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Guarani and speaks very poor Chinese.

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