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Heres a quick look at some of the feedback weve received so far. We hope to add you to our list of pleased clients!

I was working on a teak plantation project and we needed a preliminary estimate of the potential carbon value of the plantation, but something much more robust than the back of the envelope estimates that we developed internally. I hired ClearSky Climate Solutions to conduct a Carbon Market Feasibility Study for this project and the resulting report was exactly what we were looking for: Complete and concise, with a well-supported value range. I will look to ClearSky Climate Solutions again for help with future forest carbon projects.

Dr. Alex Finkral
Assistant Professor, Northern Arizona University, School of Forestry

Keegans creativity in turning everyday, inefficient processes into planet-protecting processes is incredible. It’s this type of imaginative, yet critical, forward-thinking visionary that the world needs more of to tackle our toughest issues. As the official Carbon Offset Sponsor of Climate Ride, ClearSky Climate Solutions offsets the emissions of both annual Climate Ride events, all rider and staff travel, and new this year (2011), ClearSky offsets the carbon footprint of Climate Riders who raise more than $4000, as added incentive for riders to increase their impact of participating in Climate Ride. We look forward to continuing to work with ClearSky and recommend them to anyone looking to offset emissions.

Geraldine Carter
Co-Founder and Director, Climate Ride

Carbon South is a keen supporter of reforestation projects initiated by ClearSky Climate Solutions and we look forward to ongoing co-operation in introducing high-quality carbon credits to the international market.

Bruce Scott
Director, Carbon South Limited

Over the years, Keegan Eisenstadt has provided my students at the University of Montana with informative and exciting guest lectures on carbon offsets, and the variety of projects and services that ClearSky has developed to address climate change in socially and ecologically rigorous ways. These presentations are an invaluable resource and inspiration to my students who often feel overwhelmed by the enormity of environmental changes and challenges. Because of Keegan and ClearSky, they can now envision a cleaner future and even a professional role for themselves in the process.

Dr. Jill Belsky
Professor, University of Montana and Director, Bolle Center for People and Forests

ClearSky hosted an extremely informative Carbon Offsets 101 course here in Missoula, Montana. The presentations were informative and well-articulated. The class size allowed for an interactive environment where participants were able to get direct answers to questions. They also provided a list of resources to help address future issues that we might encounter. Molly and Stephen, the ClearSky presenters, were able to engage with each participant by providing specific examples and answers and help us work through our individual projects. This approach allowed me to walk away truly understanding the application of carbon offsets in my line work, while feeling as though I have a personal resource through the staff at ClearSky should run into any questions along the way.

Jennifer Doherty
Lands Specialist, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

I came across your [web] page while collecting resources for an environmental safety guide Im putting together.  I thought you had some really great resources and shared your page with my high school students, hope you dont mind!  Just wanted to send a quick thanks for the great info!

Linda Fuller
Teacher, Colonial Academy Teachers

ClearSky was very professional in reviewing WeddingMuseum.coms carbon footprint and in helping us become carbon neutral.  In addition, ClearSky worked with us to provide a wedding carbon footprint tool for our clients.

Matt Campbell,

ClearSky Climate Solutions and Futuro Forestal share an overarching vision where the environment is integrated into business.  We have worked together for many years, and they have delivered excellent services to us and our clients.  They are able to bring high quality Carbon credits to the market, and I look forward to working with ClearSky for clearer skies and a brighter future.

Andreas Eke
Director, Futuro Forestal S.A.

We wanted to take responsibility for our family’s impact on the planet, and are concerned about climate change.  We combine walking to work, energy efficiency, recycling and consciously raising our children as part of our daily life.  However, in order to offset the greenhouse gas emissions that we cannot reduce, we sought out ClearSky.  ClearSky has an experienced management team, they offer high-quality, 3rd-party certified, carbon offsets to the market.  ClearSky credits are reasonably priced and purchasing the offsets was easily done online.  Additionally, we chose ClearSky Climate Solutions because we love the variety of projects that we can support through our offset purchase.

Ann and Adrian Hoey
San Francisco, CA

I have been purchasing carbon credits with ClearSky for a couple of years to offset travel to remote forest communities.  I  chose them because they work on both local and international scales. They tailor each of their projects to both the people and site conditions involved, maintaining sensitive to variety of partners and cultures. I consider them both collaborators and friends.

Noah Jackson
Forest Visions

We were ecstatic to be able to present Missoula with its first large climate-neutral event by utilizing the services of ClearSky Climate Solutions.  The Wild & Scenic Documentary Film Festival was a huge success and thanks to ClearSky: hundreds of attendees were educated in the importance of offsets and we were able to align the event with our core Mission.  We will definitely be working with them in the future.

Genevieve King
Director, Sustainable Business Coucil

Keegan Eisenstadt is an extremely valuable contributor to the undergraduate curriculum in ecological restoration at University of Montana.  Our students consistently give high marks to his lectures, not only because of his knowledge of tropical forest restoration and carbon offset policies, but also because his enthusiasm and humor make his points memorable. Keegan is helping to ensure that our natural resource management students get an introduction to this important topic.

Dr. Cara Nelson
Assistant Professor, University of Montana

ClearSky cares about the environment and their clients.  Not only did they take the time to ensure we understood their calculations, our carbon footprint, and how we could take steps to reduce emissions, they also shared curriculum resources so we could educate our students.

Julie Osborn
Ecology Project International

ClearSky has contributed a great deal to our new Climate Change Studies minor.  Keegan teaches a lively class in our introductory course where he brings to light how carbon offsets work on the ground and through the markets.  Molly provides great mentorship to one of our students, who is doing an internships with ClearSky gaining experience doing GHG inventories and evaluating offset projects.  We are extremely lucky for this partnership where ClearSky staff help teach, mentor, engage, and inspire our students.

Nicky Phear
Climate Change Studies Program Coordinator, University of Montana

ClearSky Climate Solutions has offset my personal travel for the last year.  They are professional, easy to work with, and provide an affordable product.  I highly recommend working with them to anyone looking into carbon offsets for themselves or their business.

Kristine Pilgrim
Wildlife Genetics Lab, US Forest Service-Rocky Mountain Research Station

We were thrilled to partner with ClearSky to become a carbon-neutral resort. The people at ClearSky have been great advisors in our reduction efforts and very creative and forward-thinking. Through them we are also able to offer our guests the opportunity to offset their travel to and from Missoula (or even back at home). Theyve also helped immensely with providing information and explaining the carbon credit program so that anyone at the resort can speak about it with our guests.

Terre Short
Managing Director, The Resort at Paws Up

ClearSky Climate Solutions provides students in RSCN 170: International Environmental Change with critical, engaging and inspirational/solutions-oriented understanding of opportunities and constraints to addressing climate change.  These ClearSky presentations reach 35-40 students from 10-12 different undergraduate degree programs each year and for many of these students this is the most substantive and focused experience they have with climate change. ClearSky’s contributions significantly enhance the relevance and content of RSCN 170.  Thank you.

Dr. Steve Siebert
Professor of Tropical Forestry, University of Montana

homeWORD is excited to partner with ClearSky to conduct a GHG assessment of our organization’s Missoula office.  A core component of homeWORD’s mission is sustainability; establishing baseline data for our emissions will help us set meaningful goals to reduce our carbon footprint while increasing our operating efficiency.  We are also working with ClearSky’s friendly and knowledgeable staff to make this year’s 8th annual Sustainability Tour carbon neutral, an accomplishment we will be proud to report to attendees in June!  With the assistance of ClearSky Climate Solutions, homeWORD is truly practicing what we preach.

Liz Stoeckel

Staff at ClearSky have been actively involved each semester with University of Montana students in a variety of fields.  They bring a high level of energy and technical knowledge to their presentations,  engaging classes ranging from entry-level energy technology to honors-level business.  Without fail, ClearSky brings students into the dialogue and enhances their understanding of trends and issues surrounding carbon offsets.

Lisa Swallow, CPA CMA MS
Associate Professor, University of Montana College of Technology
Author of Green Business Practices for Dummies (Wiley Publishing 2009)

Weve had a great experience working with ClearSky.  Theyve been true partners in helping us to start a new carbon-conscious program that we hope will become a standard way of operating for the film production industry.

Jennifer Webster
Pioneer Productions

Working with the ClearSky team allowed us to bring a carbon-neutral conference on biodiversity, traditional forest owners and climate change to the next generation of international environmental policy makers. Our friends at Clearsky – I say friends because we’ll be working with them on future projects – helped us to calculate the event footprint, choose the appropriate project to purchase credits from, and most importantly, inform our conference attendees as to how inexpensive, easy and positive the process is. It was a pleasure to work with such a friendly, efficient and knowledgeable team.

Zachary Wells
Monterey Institute Conservation Association
Monterey Institute of International Studies

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